13 June, 2011

lazy days

the post-exhibition days have been wonderfully lazy... filled with cherries, popcorn and water with lime.  the sun finally decided to show up yesterday after making us wait for it such a long long time :) the wait was so worth it though and we enjoyed the sun that much more when it finally came out.  i'm getting used to the slower pace, but really feel like i need to start speeding things up again... when i have nothing to do i get restless.

i have a kids shoot on wednesday :) i went location scouting on saturday and found the perfect place to shoot... i'm really looking forward to this shoot and i can't wait to start editing some photos again.  i'm working out what packages i'd like to offer on future photoshoots, so if there are any requests or advice they'll all be very appreciated.

i've been playing around with an old graphlex camera that i borrowed.  i am really enjoying the large format and love developing the negatives to see what i've got :) these two photos were among the first that i shot with it... they make my heart happy.

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