09 March, 2014

4x5 family portrait

i had the honor of photographing this beautiful family.
thank you for trusting me with your wedding day.

4x5 portrait

i was visited by this beauty at my studio.
of course i brushed off my 4x5 camera and captured her.

14 November, 2013


there's something magical about polaroids.  taking the picture and waiting for it to develop just makes me happy.  i love the honesty in them.

07 November, 2013


this summer i was lucky enough to be trusted to document a wedding.  i love weddings, the fact that two people love each other enough to want to be together for their whole life is a beautiful thing.
thank you for trusting me for your big day. 

05 November, 2013

welcome theodór

i had the pleasure of photographing this little guy's first day.
if only all children were lucky enough to be born into families like this.

04 November, 2013

My website is down...

as some of you may have noticed, my website is down due to some technical difficulties.  so i'm back here (at least for the time being).

15 September, 2012


i am currently working on my final project for school.  in february i will graduate and be off on my own.  

i had the pleasure of going to hrísey, a tiny island in the north of the country where i shot the film for my project.  all of june i was free to roam around, documenting the faded remains of my childhood memories of this beautiful place.  this is one of my test shots taken during one of my nightly walks.  

every night, the clouds would flirt with the light, protect the mountains, and explore the valley.  the birds sang to each other, the waves splashed quietly on the rocks, and i listened as the oh so soft sea breeze caressed my neck.  beautiful hrísey, how i miss you.

10 June, 2012

a perfect creature

she appeared to me.
a perfect creature from the sea.
she brought hope.
she set me free.

28 May, 2012


pretty little project. roots. 

summer fades into autumn, 
the wind rages all around.
she shivers and tries with all her might to hold on to her leaves, 
the wind is too strong.
her leaves are ripped off and stripped away,
she tries swaying with the wind
clinging to the hope that submission is the key to keeping herself intact.
the hours stretch into days, the days into weeks,
 it gets harder and harder to hold on.
her last leaf is torn away and along with it the sense of protection,
of warmth, 
of belonging.
she stands alone and naked,
shivering in the wind and the cold.
her nakedness is mirrored all around,
 in the trees standing silent and unmoving.
following their lead, she retreats deep into her roots
determined to remember 
the warm days of summer,
waiting for the promise of spring,
knowing that winter is a season that will not last forever.


portraits of óskar and sara. the most beautiful, honest, sincere 17-18 yr olds i know.